The Battle of the BS7 and BS9: Which One is the Best Electric Shaver?

The Braun Series is such a prime example of the best electric shaver in the world that it sparks a civil war within its own rank. I have written everything I need to tell you about Braun Series 9 (or BS9 if you have read my article. Going forward in this article, I am going to use the term BS9), but there is a contender for the title of best BS shaver of all times: the BS7 (or Braun Series 7, if you ask). The BS7, even though it has been a long time since its inception, is undoubtedly one of the best shavers still available on the market. People are often divided between choosing the BS7 and the BS9, and the division is there for all the right reasons. This article is trying to find the thin separating line that separates BS7 and BS9, comparing the strengths and the weaknesses of each series. Without doubt, I will try to make people understand why some still uses the BS7 when the BS9 is available on the market.

Without further ado, let us begin talking about BS7 and BS9.

The BS7 first…

Now we are going to talk about the older series first because I respect old people.

Just like the BS9, the BS7 is basically an example of what the Germans are capable of when they are not creating weapons to win two humanity ravaging wars (in which they came out as the sore loser). It is an advanced series, and without a doubt one of the best performing shaver out there in the world. It is a leading product, which is saying a lot, and it is pretty adaptive when it comes to shaving all kinds of facial hair and jaw types. It also got a sensitive mode, meaning those with sensitive skin can breathe easy because it will not irritate their skin. It also got lots of models with different features and different prices to choose from (this rule also applies to the BS9, hence why I am writing this here and not in the comparison section).

Now that the introduction is finished, better jump to the comparisons:

Why you should and why you should not choose the BS7

There are many reasons why you should choose the BS7, and if the above explanation is not too detailed for you, let me relay it bit by bit.

First, it is cheaper. Because the BS7 is not exactly new, the thing is pretty cheap to get. You do not have to spend lots of bucks to get your hand on one, and with that price, you will get a shaver that can still work under extreme duress.

Second, maintaining it is extremely cheaper compared to maintaining a BS9. Like I said before, if the product itself is not expensive, the parts will not be more expensive than that price. This makes the BS7 a cheap product to maintain.

Third, it performs well for an older product. Sure it is an older product, but it checks the list of the nice things electric shavers have.

On the other hand, these are the things that you should NOT bring you to buy the product:

It is old. While for people age means wisdom, the same does not apply to shavers. An old product might perform better than newer products, but it will not do so efficiently. You might end up easily breaking the thing, as is the law of every old products. Sure it is not that old, but it is definitely older than the BS9.

Why you should and why you should not choose the BS9

The same writing format applies here: The pros first and the cons second.

What makes the BS9 good is its latest-try. It is definitely newer than BS7 that is out of any doubts, and it has new features that the BS7 does not have.

The bad thing applies more if you are a cheap butt. It is a tad more expensive than the BS7 and the parts can sometimes be too pricey for people’s liking. I think it is a worthy investment though, especially when taken into consideration the fact that the BS9 is one of the best electric shaver out there.